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Home:The purpose of these web pages is to provide quick access to trail information for the serious hiker. While some rudimentary explanatory text and statistics is included the intent is to provide most of the information in the form of maps. The hope is that experienced hikers will be able to extract customized information from these maps to meet their own individual needs.In part this dependence on maps is a reflection of the philosophy that hiking should be an exploration of your environment and if too much text description is given then the opportunity for personal exploration/surprises is greatly reduced. The reader is invited to experiment both approaches and draw their own conclusions. The Mt. Rainier web pages provide the most text and graphic information. In contrast the Leavenworth web pages provide minimal text description. Try them both and let me know what you think about the different approaches
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The Mt Rainier site contains the most map types with: shaded topographic maps, shaded relief reference maps, geologic maps, stereo maps, and annotated profiles