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Current Status

Create large area park map(s) or small area/detailed topographic map(s)

The map image below shows all Olympic National Park (ONP) trails in red superimposed over a Landsat Image. By clicking on the Landsat image a detailed map will be generated (it may take a while since there is a lot of detail in these maps) covering the area showing by the cyan outline. You can generate either a large area general map or a detailed topographic map. In all cases the ratio of width to height is designed for printing on a home printer. The expectation is that you can w select and print out a customized series of maps along your intended route (adjusting the amount of overlap between map segments according to your individual needs)and store each map segment in a plastic jacket to create a ‘book’ of map segments covering all areas of interest. Each map also prints out the width of the map in terms of miles in the upper left hand corner (i.e. the width of the map acts like a map scale).